What motivates us to do this... 

  • We want to see Australia’s economy transformed by empowering and resourcing Entrepreneurs to create new businesses and jobs.

  • We want to teach the values and history make our western culture such a fertile ground for successful start-ups.

  • We want to engage our young Entrepreneurs in a global culture exchange and act with integrity as ambassadors for Australia.

  • We want to see young people have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and not believe that they just need to get a job.

  • We want our young people to have University education delivered in a practical and innovative way relevant to the 21st century.

  • We want to create an incubator with strong global partnerships…

    • Successful marketplace Entrepreneurs to act as coaches

    • Globally recognised Universities who know how to teach Entrepreneurship.

    • Venture capital funds who will finance start-ups.