We can all change the world, we just need to know how...

The word “unfold” is possibly the best way of describing what we do. We unfold people and ideas, opening them up to maximise their impact in the world.

Expound focusses on finding and developing entrepreneurs firstly and businesses second. We look for people who have an innate entrepreneurial ability and empower them to change the world.


We partner with Hebrew University to provide intensive training on a global scale that is unique in not just teaching business skills but also an understanding of how the judeo-christian culture and the concepts of faith and integrity create the most fertile ground for a successful entrepreneur.


Our panel of experienced coaches mentor these entrepreneurs through the process of starting their own business, from vision and capital raising to implementation and in many cases the successful exit. 


We are not just an incubator, venture capital partner, coach, mentor or educator. We are all of these rolled into one.

Want to accelarate your personal development by decades?
We can't wait to help 
you get started.

Here are our partners:

Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Sigma Parters
International Christian Chamber of Commerce
LaunchPad Group