A global network that ensures success...

One of the most valuable things in business is a reliable and trusted network, through Expound, our Entrepreneurs have access to a world class global network that will propel them forward in life and business.

One of the cornerstone partnerships we have is with Hebrew University. Our Entrepreneurs spend three weeks of each year in Jerusalem studying at hebrew University. Yissum opens our Entrepreneurs to technological innovations that require Entrepreneurs to bring them out to the world. Sigma Partners and other venture capital partners provide the capital to start a business. ICCC gives a reliable network entry into markets globally and LaunchPad provides the incubator space and meeting spaces. Not to mention some of the great mentors who have been in the marketplace for many years who can share their collective wisdom and networks and the education groups who we partner with for additional practical content.


When we combine all the partner elements that feed into Expound, we have a powerful network with our Entrepreneurs right in the middle, supercharging them to success.

Our network of partners gives you access to influence, relationships, mentors, intellectual property and capital most can only dream of...

our partners

Hebrew University, Jerusalem
International Christian Chamber of Commerce
Sigma Parters
LaunchPad Group